We offer the following types of martial arts:
• Karate
Training takes place in a formal atmosphere with an emphasis on etiquette and self-control as well as physical ability. Training generally is divided into the practice of basic techniques and sparring. While sparring, students stop blows just short of contact so that power is always maintained with control. 
Okinawan Shuri-ryu is one of the oldest styles of martial arts in the United States.  Karate was introduced to the US by our Grandmaster, Robert A. Trias in 1945.
About Our Instructor:
Sensei Michael Blevins is head instructor for all classes.  Sensei Blevins started his martial arts training in 1981 under Chief Instructor Ridgely Abele.
• 5th Dan - Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Martial Arts  
Assistant Instructors
Sensei Travis Frierson - 2nd Degree Blackbelt
Cheryl Blevins - 1st Degree Blackbelt
Karatedo Dojo Kun
* Karate begins and ends with courtsey
* Actions have consequences
* We are responsible
* We lead by example
* There is no excuse for bad manners
* We do not lie, cheat, steal, do drugs or hang out with anyone who does